Solvid: the most capable, affordable, and highest film quality head cam system available, consisting of the CamStrap Head Camera Mount, CamSac, and CamHat. Use any camera, camcorder or cell phone that has a 1/4″ tripod thread and records video.  If you’re looking for more than just head cam footage, take advantage of the incredible video quality, size, features and prices of today’s digital cameras, strap it to your head, and film it yourself.

Solvid, short for solo video, makes universal head camera mounts to fit nearly every head and helmet. As mentioned, almost any filming device can be mounted to the CamStrap, but the quality of video will be dependent on the quality of camera being used. If you are after lightweight, then go with a small digital camera or action cam (ie. GoPro). If you are after waterproof or indestructibility, then action cams, several digital cameras, and now some camcorders will go as far as taking underwater footage. If top video quality is desired, then a camcorder cannot be beat. For the least expensive route, use whatever camera you may already have available.

If you are skeptical what these basic cameras can do when partnered with a CamStrap universal head camera mount, please watch the videos under the “Videos” tab above. What you will find are some of the best Film It Yourself videos in existence. Hunting and fishing is where it really out competes the competition; we feel our hunting videos are the best POV (point of view) videos you will find.