Solvid Head Cam Systme Collage

Solvid Head Camera Mount

  • Transform any compact camera, camcorder, cell phone, or action cam into a POV head camera

  • Inexpensive – use the camera you own or buy new

  • Capable – features like zoom, stabilization, screen, etc. allow for more than just head cam footage

The Solvid Head Camera Mount is the most capable, affordable, highest film quality head cam system available. Use any camera, camcorder, action cam, sport camera, POV camera or cell phone with a 1/4″ tripod thread (most cameras) or tripod adapter (cell phones & GoPro). If you’re looking for more than just head cam footage, take advantage of the incredible video quality, size, features and prices of today’s cameras, strap it to your head, and Film It Yourself (FIY).

Solvid makes universal head camera mounts to fit nearly every sports camera, POV camera, head, and helmet. Video quality will be dependent on the quality of camera being used. The best camera will change depending on the activity.


Action Sports POV Helmet Camera Videos


Hunting Head Cam Videos


POV Fishing Head Cam Videos

Solvid (sole-vid), short for “solo video”, allows one person to capture life’s events themselves, while providing maximum functionality by accepting most compact sports cameras, camcorders, and cell phones. The user may choose a camera they already own, or consider the models the Solvid Staff uses: Cameras. The multitude of options allow the Solvid Head Camera mount to be the least expensive option as well as the best.

The idea was born of necessity, as the developers were in search of a less expensive option than the action cams on the market. They owned cameras, camcorders and cell phones that were capable of capturing HD footage, but lacked a method to attach it to their heads, so they designed one.  Their current equipment performed great and they wanted others to have the same opportunity, so Solvid was born and the Head Camera Mount went worldwide.  More Info Here

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Testimonials & Reviews

Got the Solvid Head Cam Strap two days before I shot my first deer; love the camstrap. Here is the video…
Andreas from USA
“Very impressed with the quality of the Solvid Head Camera System; easy to set-up and use.”
Carlos from California
“I just picked up the CamStrap.Very impressed with the quality, design & comfort. Thank you very much for the great product, service and…
Stephanus - South Africa
Got My Solvid CamStrap Head Cam Mount! This is extremely well built and I’m very impressed with the design. Cant wait to record some videos with this Bad boy! Tried with …
Jay D Sal - Rhode Island

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