Archery Elk Hunting Head Cam Video

The Solvid head cam mount is the perfect tool for Film It Yourself archery elk hunting.  The following video proves that! When calling and stalking elk, there are often times when a hunter can zoom in on the action as its happening. That’s when the head camera mount comes off and the camcorder zoom is utilized. If a hunter can get in a zoom or a few, it can really tie a video together in addition to the first person POV kill shot footage.



Shawn spots, stalks, calls, films, arrows a Bull Elk; 100% Film It Yourself. After spotting him right before dark from the top of a huge canyon, Shawn comes back in the morning and drops into the deep hole after a herd bull.   This is as good as self filmed POV head camera elk hunting gets.  To watch in its full quality, download the original file here: