Welcome To Solvid

Solvid (sole-vid), short for “solo video”, began by a couple brothers who wanted  Point of View (POV) head cam footage of their adventures, but action cams were out of budget considering they owned cameras, camcorders and cell phones that capture great HD footage. With a head lamp, digital camera and some black tape, they improvised and made do with what they had, creating the first, very rough, prototype!

After realizing the multitude of applications, the quality attainable from digital camcorders, and the lack of options on the market for a universal head cam mount, the decision was made to take Solvid to the next level and offer it to the world through both Solvid head camera products and adventure videos.

Chris and Shawn both reside in  Northwest USA with their families.  Both are fathers and husbands. When not hanging with the family or earning a living, they will do any activity that may involve a head mounted camera.  Their real passions stem from the outdoors though. Both brothers do a lot of hunting and and fishing; evident by their many videos that can be seen throughout this website: Videos

Who is Solvid?

Our mission here at Solvid is to enable individuals and groups to get high quality Point of View head cam footage, inexpensively with the camera they already have, or with one of our recommended cameras.
Solvid wants to continue to produce high quality products with options for affordability and quality. We strive to maximize the amount of people getting great POV head cam footage, because most people have some sort of video recording device (cell phone, digital camera, action cam, camcorder, etc.), all they need is a way to easily and safely secure it in place for first person video action that only the user can get; hence the POV (Point of View) angle.
Solvid stands behind everything we do, from our products to videos. We promise you will enjoy Solvid products and find them to be made of high quality components and manufactured to stand the test of time. If you are not happy with any of our products, simply return for a refund or replacement. If your purchased product fails, we’ll fix it. Check out the Solvid Warranty for more info.
Chris Jackson
Chris JacksonPresident Solvid LLC
Chris’ passions are his family (wife and 3 kids), the outdoors, and business. He learned well before college his dream of an independent career. When the opportunity was presented to start a business that involves the outdoors, he had to follow the dream and see what would happen. Solvid was born June 2013, and lives on through Film It Yourself videos and a line of products.

Chris also is a steelhead fishing guide on the Clearwater River where he rows a drift boat for some of the largest steelhead in the lower 48 – the Clearwater B Run Steelhead. This keeps him busy October – February, which he juggles around other commitments. If you are interested in some steelhead fishing, email Fly4FishChris@gmail.com.

Shawn Jackson
Shawn JacksonVice President, Marketing
After 6 years in the USA Army as an aircraft electronics tech including a tour in Iraq, Shawn found himself back in his hometown where he met and married his wife Heather and her two kids. A year later came their first child together. .

Shawn spends his work days as a building project manager and his evenings/weekends trying to catch up with his quickly expanding family. All this work and Shawn still finds time to get out and throw down some marketing materials (videos filmed with the Solvid Head Cam Strap).