The Best Head Camera for Hunting

The Solvid Head Cam Mount turns any compact camera, camcorder, action cam or cell phone into a Point Of View (POV) head cam. You’ll have a hard time finding a POV compilation video that will compete with the following upload.  The Solvid head cam mount is comfortable, inexpensive and will securely hold most compact cameras, but the footage is what proves it to be the best head camera for hunting.  These are mostly kill shots; please watch the full hunts to get a true understanding of what one hunter and a universal head cam mount can do.

What type of camera do we use?

Camcorders are the camera of choice for the Solvid brothers, Chris and Shawn.  Camcorders are now inexpensive and shoot great footage at almost any range (within reason).  The downside is they can be heavier than the smaller action cams. The pros include the HD footage quality, zoom, image stabilization, high quality audio, and a narrower field of view than action cams. A wide field of view will make the target look much further than reality.