Why is The Solvid Head Cam System so Awesome


The Solvid CamStrap is unique to other head camera systems in the fact that it uses whichever video camera the user has available, with the requirement that it has a standard ¼ inch tripod thread and video capabilities. This enables the CamStrap to be affordable to a much larger market as the price per unit will be a fraction to that of the leading competitors of the POV market, while having the ability to capture higher quality footage than other head cameras.

Video Quality:

With the CamStrap, the video quality you receive is not limited to the camera it comes with; the video quality is 100% determined on the quality of the video camera used. Even standard digital cameras capture video with the CamStrap, but strap on a compact, Hi Def video camera and you will get video quality like you are actually there. While compact video cameras are a little larger and heavier than most POV cameras, the video quality to many is worth it. The internal components of today’s compact video cameras such as the lenses, processor, image stabilization, zoom, microphone, etc. are far superior than you can expect out of most POV specific cameras due to lack of size.

Screen – Instant Playback:

We recommend using cameras with an LCD screen that feature instant playback. This will allow you to make sure your head cam is lined up accurately and to watch the POV videos you have just recorded.  Imagine filming for a week only to find when you upload the files to the computer that you have had the camera pointing behind you the entire time!

Multi Use

Most POV video cameras are really only good for one purpose: Action Video . If you need to buy a camera to use with the Solvid CamStrap, you can look at it as not only an action cam, but also as an everyday camera to take photos and video of family, friends and adventures.

Straps, Not Glue:

The Solvid CamStrap is just that: Straps with a camera mount. For this reason, you are not required to use any permanent adhesives or screws to secure the strap to a helmet or head. You just strap it on, get some action footage, take it off and it is ready for the next helmet.
We have tried the CamStrap on many helmets and each time it was all we could do to shake it loose. Sometimes we had to take the visor off to get a secure grip on the helmet, but this is very easy.

Will the Solvid Helmet Cam come off in the event of a hard crash? There is a possibility it might, but we have found that if you hit that hard, the safest thing for the camera and CamStrap is to remove itself as far away from the user and whatever other equipment they are using (dirt bike, jet ski, etc.).