Mule Deer can be found in many areas throughout Westen North America, where they adapt to their surroundings and use whats available for food and cover.  If prehistoric farming equipment is what is close to the food source, then that will be a good spot for them to bed down in the shade and take advantage of the breeze.  In this incredible, Archery Mule Deer Head Cam hunt, you will see just how practical these mule deer are. This time did not turn out all that well for the deer, but I don’t hear Shawn complaining.



Shawn spots, stalks, films and arrows an incredible non typical mule deer while Chris films from across the canyon. The place this mule deer herd decides to bed down is awesome, plus the size of the bucks rack make this an insane POV Head Cam video!        Cameras -Panasonic (current equivalents): Head Cam – HC-V570     Tripod Cameras – HC-V270


This early season mule deer hunt is a hot, dry dusty adventure. One of the most important pieces of gear you can over look is good socks. Check out our picks here: browse more stuff here