editingThe Solvid head cam system makes it incredibly easy to get great Film It Yourself footage, easily and inexpensively with our video editing service. If you can hit record and perform the task at hand, you have Film It Yourself footage. To get the most out of your footage though, video editing services may be required. This can mean cutting the clip down to the 20 second kill shot or performing a total edit of a full length hunt from beginning to end.  Below we will discuss editing software and video editing services.

Editing Software

The are a ton of editing programs on the market, and most will do what most beginners will need.  Even the free / inexpensive software will suit most Solvid System users (Windows Movie: Free Video Editor  and iMovie). For those who want more options for their videos, there are several inexpensive options that will give the ability to crop (zoom) the frame and highlight an area; both are used a ton.  Vegas Movie Studio is $50 and will do all that most will ever need.  If you end up needing more options in the future, you can then upgrade to what we use, Vegas Pro Edit ($400).  While this is what we are using right now, for the most part, we could get by just fine with Vegas Movie Studio.


Solvid Editing Services

Chris, Solvid’s main video editor,  has spent thousands of hour behind the computer which has led to efficiency and skills.  You have two options that may allow you to capitalize on our expertise.

Free Editing Services:

You send us a USB Memory Stick or SD card loaded with the footage you would like edited.  We will edit the footage and put the finished product on the card and send it back to you.  All this option will cost you is the shared rights to the footage, allowing Solvid to use the footage in anyway we deem appropriate.  I signed release form will need to be signed and returned before editing will take place. Contact Solvid about this service: http://solvidsystems.com/contact/

Professional Editing Services:

Solvid will edit your footage at a rate of $50 per hour (2 hour minimum) using all the techniques you see on our own footage.  You supply us with a memory stick full of footage and we return it to you with the finished product.  You will retain all rights to the footage. Contact Solvid about this service: http://solvidsystems.com/contact/