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The Panasonic HC-V180 camcorder makes a great camcorder. Its the perfect combination of size, weight and quality. At less than 8 oz, the weight is hardly noticable when the straps are perfectly adjusted. Its got a sleek look and feels great in hand as well. Panasonic is our preferred camcorder brand. They shoot equal or better footage than other name brands in their respective price ranges, but what really makes them ideal for the Solvid Head Cam System are the buttons and the recording sequence. The camcorder turns on when the screen is opened. You then push record (big button easy to find without looking) then close the screen. As long as its recording, it continue to do so with the screen closed. To stop, push the record button and it shuts down if the screen is closed.

The HC180-V is not perfect. It has no wifi tethering, so no using the phone as a remote. This is really helpful to get lined up with the camera pointing in the right direction. Once a person gets practice and experience, lining up is not hard, and once figured out, it is very easy and quick; we don’t even check ours now.

A compact camcorder that is very comfortable on head and wallet, but also shoots great footage with a 90X zoom!  See more info and test footage from this camera here: Cameras

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