Product Description

Custom hat made specifically to fit over the CamStrap when worn on the side of head with mount protruding out of size adjustment located on side of hat.  The CamHat can also be worn without the CamStrap as well allowing the user to only need one hat.

Archers: At this time, only left sided CamHats are available; these work best for right handed shooters. Left handed shooters will want the CamStrap on the right side or front of head.  As of right now, the best options for left hand shooters is to wear the CamStrap without/over a hat, on the front of head, or go with a Custom CamHat as described below.

Customized CamHats: We can turn your favorite hat into a CamHat for either side of head. Check out Custom CamHats here.

This is only a hat! CamStrap sold separately.

One size fits most (adjustable).