Rock Throw – POV Archery Mule Deer Hunting Video

When stalking mule deer, one false move could cost the opportunity of a life time. Maybe the false move cause luck to shine and result in a perfect shot.  You just never know.  Each decision has unforeseen consequences that you have to deal with.  One of the toughest decisions a bow hunter will have to make once in range of a bedded buck is to wait him out or get him up.  The right decision is obvious in the end, but could result in a number of outcomes, many of which are unfavorable.  During the hunt you are about to watch, Chris could not see the buck when he was bedded, but he knew he was within 30 yards and likely closer.  There was very little wind.  In this situation, Chris determined that he was best to get the buck up soon before the lack of wind caused him to get busted.  Was it the right decision… I’d say it worked out! One of our best Film It Yourself Hunting Videos to this day. This is one tip that should not be used in just any situation. Check more hunting tips here.