Rockslide Demise – Archery Mule Deer Head Camera Hunting Video

When Archery Mule Deer Hunting a huge mule deer in steep, rocky canyon lands, a hunter may have to cross whatever lies in his path to get within range. Spot and Stalk Mule Deer Hunting is a perfect scenario to use the Solvid Head Camera Mount. These smart, old mule deer bucks are tough to get within bow range by solo, let alone with another hunter running camera.  Who needs the extra noise and scent when there is an easy hands free way to get exceptional footage of the way it actually went down.  The first person kill shot footage is something that can’t be duplicated.  It is as real as it get.

In the Rockslide Demise mule deer hunt video, Chris scores great POV kill shot footage as well as panoramic footage from a camera he left recording on a tripod across the canyon.  The Stalk almost didn’t work out, but with a little luck, patients and intuition Chris finds success.



Self Filmed Archery Mule Deer Hunting in nasty, rocky country, pursuing a trophy Mule Deer. 100% Film It Yourself – Solvid Style. Chris spot and stalk bow hunts a buck he’s watched for 3 years as he grew into an awesome trophy muley. He sets up a camera across the canyon, another above from a cliff, and of course the Solvid Head Cam Mount filming the POV action.  This is in an incredible archery hunt, with luck and skill coming together on an incredible stalk, shot, and recovery, and an awesome film.