Archery Elk Hunting with the Solvid Head Camera Mount

Sometimes when bow hunting for elk you have to go to them before you can bring the bull to you.  On this archery hunt, Shawn walks out a ridge to the edge of an expansive canyon, where, all the way across and near the bottom, he spots two bull elk feeding on the hillside. After a jaunt to the otherside, Shawn stalks down above the two elk, and when close enough, he lets out some soft cow calls.  With the Solvid Head Camera Mount on and the camcoder recording, the bigger of the two bulls makes his way up the hillside and right into Shawn’s shooting lane.



Shawn spots, stalks, films and arrows a bull elk in some nasty steep canyon country.        Cameras – (current equivalents): Head Cam – Panasonic HC-V380

Of course, after Shawn got this bull down, his brother was his first call, “Bring your backpack”. After this trip, I realized pack boards just werent the ticket and began using high quality back packs. For more on hardcore backpacks, go here: get more gears here