It was far too nice of a day to be stuck inside on Superbowl Sunday 2016, so Chris and his daughter Charlie headed out to a local cattle ranch and one of Chris’ deer hunting spots to attempt some predator control. Packing both the bow and rifle, the father/daughter duo set up in the bottom of a sage brush canyon. Once Chris was ready, he gave Charlie the signal. She pushed the button for pup in distress and they waited.  4 minutes into the set, Chris gets a glimpse of a coyote, closing the distance fast. There was no time to get the tripod camera on him; it was head cam or nothing. He drew back his bow the first instant he saw the dog, and then realized there were two of them coming in together and into a perfect scenario.

As the two coyotes got with 40 yards, Chris gave a mouth squeak. The lead dog never broke stride, but the rear coyote halted at 30 yards to see what was making the noise. Before he knew, an arrow was on its way. The predator yelped upon arrow impact, which was just enough to bring the lead dog back to investigate as Chris nocked another arrow.  That was the last mistake that coyote ever made.  In a matter of 20 seconds, three arrows were flung and 2 coyote lay dead, with Charlie not knowing what to think of her first coyote hunt.  She says “I kind of feel bad for them dad.” Followed by, “do we have time for another call set?”

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