Action Sports Helmet Camera Videos

Never miss a video op with no permanent gear mounted to your helmet. Click above to see an action sports videos filmed with the Solvid Helmet Camera Mount.

Enjoy watching your POV helmet cam videos with friends for years to come, and film it with the camera you already own. With the Solvid CamStrap, you can add a camera, camcorder, cell phone, or action cam to your head or helmet; quality will depend on the camera. Nearly all action cams are element proof, as are many digital cameras, cell phones, and even some compact camcorders.

Watch Action Sports POV Head Cam Videos here

Hunting Head cam Videos

Viewer Discretion Advised
Hunters work hard for the rare moment of truth, and commonly, are alone. Most already own 90% of the equipment required to capture this moment on film by themselves; a camera. Now all you need is a Solvid Head Camera strap to mount it on.

Film It Yourself hunting is where the Solvid Head Cam System really out competes the competition. The ability to use any camera of reasonable size allows the user to pick the video quality, comfort, and affordability.  Click the photo link above to view an extensive library of Hunting Head Camera Videos.

Watch POV Head Cam Hunting Videos here

Fishing Head Cam Videos

Most good fisherman have some type of camera, but that does nothing to show the skill of the bite or the battle of the fight! And what about the big one that got away?  Turn that camera into a fishing head camera and record the memories that fall in between the photos.

There really is no excuse for the lack of video these days in the fishing world; anybody with a decent cell phone can get great POV head cam video when paired with a Solvid Head Cam strap to mount it. Or, take it a step higher and use a video camera. All action cams, many digital cameras and cell phones, plus some camcorders are fully water proof, so that is not an issue. Click the photo link above to watch the Solvid Fishing Head Cam Video Library.

Watch POV Head Cam Fishing Videos here

Solvid Head Cam Systme Collage

Solvid (sole-vid), short for “solo video”, began when a couple brothers wanted to capture Point of View (POV) head cam footage of their adventures, but couldn’t afford action cams. With a head lamp, digital camera and some black tape, they improvised and made do with what they had. After realizing the multitude of applications, the quality attainable from digital camcorders, and the lack of options on the market for a universal head cam mount, the decision was made to take Solvid to the next level and offer it to the world through both their head camera products and adventure videos.  Read more on the Solvid story here: About US

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Got the Solvid Head Cam Strap two days before I shot my first deer; love the camstrap. Here is the video…
Andreas from USA
“Very impressed with the quality of the Solvid Head Camera System; easy to set-up and use.”
Carlos from California

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