The fish were ready to rise to the Salmon flies that were hatching all around, during this trip to the Big Hole river in Montana. The first fish that gets away was at least 20 inches, and the one landed taped out at 18 inches.

Chris hooks and lands a beautiful Snake River Steelhead, and films it himself with the Solvid head cam mount.

Fishing Head Cam Videos

Nearly all fisherman pack around some sort of camera (in addition to a cell phone) to get catch photos.  When that rainbow trout raises from the depths to inhale your hopper pattern, or when that float gets yanked below the surface, make sure you capture the moment on film so you can share and relive the experience for years to come, as well as being able prove your success. You probably have a camera, now all you need is a gopro mount or camera holder for Solvid.

One requirement for most fishermen is their camera must be waterproof. This is fine because all action cams, many digital camera, and some camcorders and cellphones are waterproof and offer incredible footage. The Solvid team uses Panasonic Camcorders, which aren’t waterproof, but capture great fishing video footage and have settings that work great with the Solvid gopro mounts and camera holders. We do suggest purchasing the drops/spills coverage when buying any camera. Our gopro mounts and camera holders are perfect for any fishing video.

On the Big Hole River Montana, Chris hooks and fights a 20 inch + brown trout on a small dry fly. The fish heads for the rapids, and once close to shore gets tangled in some debris where Chris has to decide whether to go for the fish or try untangle the line; he chose to go for the line…    100% film it yourself with the Solvid head cam mount.