Upland bird hunting montage with Pheasant, Quail and Chukar.

Shawn arrows two grouse. He shoots the first one on the ground. Then, while recovering the arrow, he spots another in a tree. He picks up the same arrow and nearly shoots the head off the second grouse.

Bird Hunting POV Head Cam Videos

Bird hunting is a great activity that can result in a lot of shooting and incredible meat to eat.  Film it yourself bird hunting is cool for more that just having POV hunting videos to watch.  The videos can be very handy to help recover game and also show mistakes that would otherwise be tough to correct.

A head camera is a lot more steady than a gun mounted camera. Of course you get some recoil as you do in real life, but the head should be the steadiest part of the body when shooting any type of weapon. Also, there’s something to be said about getting the hunters point of view instead of the weapon’s. With head cameras, where you look is what you record. This allows you to film other hunters and dogs without having to point the weapon in an unsafe direction.

We at Solvid use basic camcorders like the ones featured here: Cameras.  But most cameras will work and the main thing is getting it on video, regardless of the camera being used.

A quick walk around the hillsides looking for wild Ringneck Pheasant in Washington State. There were plenty of hens that flew within shooting range, but only one rooster.

John hunts pheasants in Oregon with the Solvid Head Cam Mount and a Sony camcorder. Get ready to see 10 pheasant shots in 2 minutes.  Check out John’s Big Game Hunting Blog