Shawn spots, stalks, calls, films, arrows a Bull Elk; 100% Film It Yourself. After spotting him right before dark from the top of a huge canyon, Shawn comes back in the morning and drops into the deep hole after a herd bull.   This is as good as self filmed POV head camera elk hunting gets.  To watch in its full quality, download the original file here:

Hot temperatures and a super moon have the elk holding tight and responding to calls very little.  After hearing the first bugle in a week, Chris tracks down a bull elk, following him to his bed.

Elk POV Head Cam Videos

Elk are some of the most majestic animals to roam the earth. When you get the opportunity to pursue these iconic mammals, make sure you get to see it through your own Point Of View forever. The only way to do this is to get a POV video, and there is no better way than the Solvid Head Cam System.

The Solvid Head Camera mount works well for elk because they are large animals, which allows them to show up much better than smaller targets, regardless of the camera being used. We don’t really care what you film with, as long as you get it on video. Use whatever camera is available, and when you can afford it, buy a better camera that may be better suited for whatever type of game or adventure you’re after.

100% Film It Yourself Elk hunting video. Chris, while chasing a much bigger bull, was given far too much time to think about tender meat, a great shot/footage, 2 hot days left and an easy pack out. His finger hit the trigger and the rest is footage.
Hand Camera – Panasonic HC-V570 (current equivalent)
Head Camera – Panasonic HC-V770 (current equivalent) mounted on Solvid Head Cam Mount

Shawn spots a bull elk across a huge canyon, gets above, calls him in, and catches it on camera, 100% Film It Yourself Solvid Style with the universal head cam mount.

Camera – Panasonic HC-V570 (current equivalent).

Tom from Stuck In The Rut calls in an old deep timber bull to within steps and arrows him at close range.

Chris calls for Shawn and brings two young bull elk into close range. Shawn arrows one while Filming It Himself with the Solvid Head Cam Systems. It was the very last weekend of the archery season, so they were pleased to put meat in the freezer!
Cameras – Panasonic HC-V570 (current equivalent)

Scott Mackintosh (YouTube Channel) arrowed an incredible Utah bull in 2015, Film It Yourself – Solvid style. There are many other cool videos on his channel, so check them out and subscribe to see what he puts together in the future.
Cameras – Panasonic HC-V770

More Elk Hunting Head Cam Videos coming soon.