Solvid Pro Staff Hunting Videos

Here you will find Film It Yourself hunting videos filmed by Solvid customers. You could call them our proven pro staff who were able to get the kill shot on video and put the footage together to produce a full length hunt video.  If you have any Film It Yourself footage you’d like to share with Solvid and our followers, please contact us at

Solvid Head Cam Mount

Andreas Schuler (YouTube Channel) shot his first buck whilst wearing the Solvid head cam strap, thus capturing a great Film It Yourself hunting video that will be relivable for ever. Congrats on the first buck Andreas and great video.

Tom from Stuck In The Rut calls in a old deep timber bull to within steps and arrows him at close range.

Scott Mackintosh (YouTube Channel) arrowed an incredible Utah bull in 2015, Film It Yourself – Solvid style. There are many other cool videos on his channel, so check them out and subscribe to see what he puts together in the future.

Chad Cruickshank (YouTube Channel), BowTech Pro Staff shooter, filmed some great footage on these 100% Film It Yourself elk hunting videos. This is a great start, which leads us to believe there will be some great Film It Yourself hunting videos coming from Chads channel in the future.

Rick from Switchback Outdoors (YouTube Channel) arrows a great pronghorn buck while wearing the Solvid head cam mount on a spot and stalk hunt. He sneaks in close and arrows the buck in his bed.