Chris spots, stalks, films, and arrows a wide whitetail buck; 100% Film It Yourself. The buck was spotted late opening morning day of archery season. We had scouted this area a bunch of times, but had never seen this buck.  To watch in its full quality, download in its original format here:      Camera: Head Cam – HC-V570 Panasonic (current equivalents)

Whitetail Deer POV Head Cam Videos

Whitetail deer are tough to get shots on, let alone getting it on camera by yourself.  They are known to travel when light levels are at their lowest. The Solvid head cam system allows the use of any camera; so a camera that does well in low light conditions can be used as a head cam. Camcorders will be best for this low light hunting, but if weight is of concern, an action cam might keep it on your head longer. If price is the main factor, then use whatever you already have, or one of the cameras we use at our Camera Recommendations page.

Andreas Schuler makes a perfect archery shot on his first deer, a whitetail buck, and gets a great film it yourself video in the process. Thanks for sharing this once in a lifetime experience with us Andreas; we all wish we could have a video of our first successful hunt. Way to get it done by yourself.

Solvid is running a deficit on Whitetail hunting footage. If you get some Film It Yourself whitetail hunting footage using Solvid Head Cam System products and would like to share, please let us know. For great examples of using the system, check out our Elk and Mule Deer head cam hunting videos.