Film It Yourself POV Hunting videos

Solvid was originally created for hunting head camera videos. Other Point of View systems lack video quality, capabilities, good audio, and features needed to create quality hunting films, plus they are pricey considering what you get. While the original intention was film it yourself hunting head camera videos, it just so happens the CamStrap performs equally well for other activities.

High Quality – Low Price

With the Solvid System, you use the camera you have with the CamStrap Head Cam Mount. This saves money, and depending on you camera, provides the opportunity to get high quality footage with digital cameras/camcorders and the basic features not included on other POV cameras. These features (zoom, LCD, etc.)  allow for entertaining pre and post shot footage, making your head cam hunting films more than just POV video .

If you need a camera, here is what we suggest: Camera Recommendations  

Check out the following  to see the quality  head cam videos that can be put together with the Solvid System:

New Release Film It Yourself Hunting Videos

Download this video here: Solo Archery Mule Deer Hunt

Ihorn Mule Deer Head Cam Video, for highest quality, download the original video file here:


Clean Miss… Or Was It? Archery Mule Deer Hunt – DOWNLOAD HERE for best quality: Clean Miss… Or Was It


Download in higher quality here:



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