Wide Whitetail Deer Hunting POV Head Cam Video

You don’t see a lot of Film It Yourself, spot and stalk whitetail hunts, especially out west. Chris was actually after a specific mule deer tha bedded down in the timber, but when he laid eyes on a wide racked whitetail in a good spot for a stalk, he instantly turned his attention.  With the Solvid Head camera mount on and the camera rolling, the stalk was on. Chris used the bucks movements and and other atmospheric noises to get in close on the unsuspecting buck as me moved toward a new bedding location.



Chris spots, stalks, films and arrows a wide whitetail buck. The actual kill shot is not the greatest due to shadows, but the stalk is great and the buck impressive.  Film it Yourself with one camera, Solvid head cam style.      Cameras -Panasonic (current equivalent): HC-V570